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Dream:On App Now Available on iPhone

Dream:On App Now Available on iPhone


Want to dream better? More completely? Want to remember your dreams?  Try Dream:ON , a new app  available for the IOS system on iPhone. Dream:On sounds like a character out of a Philip K. Dick science fiction novel. However, I saw the app demonstrated  on Doctor Oz so it must be real:-)!  You can install the app for free through this portal on iTunes by clicking here.

How It Works:

Once your…

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The Kingdom of God is Within Man

The Kingdom of God is Within Man

The Kingdom of God Is Within Man  is the number one search that brings people to this site. “Van Gogh” and “Thomas Jefferson”  are also high on the list but nothing, according to Google Analytics, is more prominent than the search for  ”The Kingdom Of God is Within Man”.

The above film clip is from The Great Dictator released in 1940. It is from the original motion…

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In God’s Name : The Pope, Paramount, The CIA and The Mafia

In God’s Name : The Pope, Paramount, The CIA and The Mafia

The Villas Near Vatican City

The Villas Near Vatican City

We were in Rome in a  17th century villa outside the  walls of Vatican City . It was the spring of 1985. We sat on a third floor veranda blooming with Bougainvillea, droning with honeybees.  The handsome lean man under house arrest whose family “owned half of Sicily” turned to me and said, “There is a car outside. We can go and see the Father now.” 

“What Father?”


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How to Make Proofs of Your Book Using Amazon’s CreateSpace

How to Make Proofs of Your Book Using Amazon’s CreateSpace

Createspace_proofing Easy And Efficient: Here’s How:

As we discussed last time Amazon’s CreateSpace is a great resource to make fast, professional , and compact copies of your book for proof reading and editorial distribution.

As I mentioned, apples to apples, CreateSpace is a whopping 60%-80% cheaper than using Staples for copies.  It  is also cheaper than running a copy off on your personal printer and burning…

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"Death is Wrong", a New Children’s Book, Signals Transhumanism

“Death is Wrong”, a New Children’s Book, Signals Transhumanism

Cover of the New Children's Book

Cover of the New Children’s Book

A Little Something for the Kids

Transhumanism has arrived for our children with a new  book  just for them entitled  Death is Wrong. The book is by Gennady Stolyarov II and illustrated by Wendy Stolyarov. The endeavor is even crowd-funding free copies for kids.  The  somewhat creepy cover  says it all:  a stoic male child, in collar and tie,  banishes the grim…

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How Writers Can Use Createspace as a Tool to Gain Perspective

How Writers Can Use Createspace as a Tool to Gain Perspective

CreateSpace is an awesome, affordable, professional tool for writers to gain perspective on their work. It is also  the cheapest, fastest way to make physical copies of the book.  For those who don’t know, CreateSpace is the self-publishing arm of Amazon.

The Manuscript From Staples - Fat and Cumbersome

The Manuscript From Staples – Fat and Cumbersome

In September of 2013, I took my thumb drive to Staples and printed out this 600 page copy of…

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